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the nation pays tribute to the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. >> president obama was among those marking veterans day over the weekend. the remembrance continues today. >> one of the most respected names in the military resigns after appear affair is revealed. this morning, a closer look at how e-mails brought the case to light. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning to you. it is monday, november 12th. veterans day, this is a live look outside right now as we get things started on this monday. not a lot of traffic to talk about. tucker has got some interesting news about the weather in just a second. good morning to you. i'm wisdomartin. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with him right
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now. temperaturewise we'll be well into the 60s. it should be comfortable. as we get into the nighttime hours, cooler air on the way. let's get to the satellite- radar. let me show you the -- gotten used to it by now. >> it is a holiday so they're not getting up. >> i know. >> they will after that. >> we've got cloud cover moving in from the west. a little sunshine to start your day but you want to get out early if you want the sun. by middle morning and then into the afternoon, it will be mostly cloudy. you can see the showers, the green on the map now pushing into western ohio. that will get in here later tonight and during your morning commute tomorrow. i think the good news is it should be out of here by tomorrow affect. we will have a period of rain later tonight and into the early-morning hours tomorrow. temperature right now at reagan national, 50 degrees. 52 at dulles. so it is cool but not terribly
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cold. here is your forecast for today. mild temperatures for one more day. enjoy it. cooler weather on the way. 68 the daytime high in washington. 07 in fredericksburg and mid- 60s north and west of the city. again, a left clouds today. we should be dry. >> i like seeing that where it says warm on your little map there. >> that may be the last time you say that. >> why did have you to say the last time this month. >> it's november, not a bad thing. >> not what julie wright wanted to hear. >> let me enjoy this moment, will you guys, please. i'm wearing shorts. i'm loving this right now. on the roads, if you do have to make the trip into work this morning, light are than usual traffic volume. it is a federal holiday. hats off to those that have served and those that are
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currently serving. 95, 295 quiet now. you will find hov rules in effect for those traveling on 50 this morning in maryland so don't get caught off guard there. lanes are open. no problems reported at the wilson bridge. 395 at the 14th street bridge. traffic volume very light and running at speed continuing over to the southeast-southwest freeway. no problems reported on the southbound stretch. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. president obama commemmorating veterans day at arlington national cemetery. he observed a moment of silence yesterday and laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. since veterans day fell on a sunday, federal workers have today off and the post office is closed as well. over at the vietnam memorial on the national mall, a special event mashed the 30th anniversary of the memorial dedication and the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the vietnam war. it is the most popular
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attraction in d.c. with 4 million visiting it each year. veteran were also honored in a special ceremony at the world war ii memorial. world war ii ended 67 years ago and the number of world war ii veterans is dwining. the vet rhys-jones were -- the veterans are now in their 80s and 90s. cia director david petraeus resigned on friday after admitting to having an extramarital affair with his biographer and now congress is asking questions. >> they want to know if national security was ever at risk. before he stepped down, petraeus was leading the investigation into the u.s. consulate and cia base attack in benghazi in september. it is unclear when he will still testify in the hearings but some think it is necessary that he does so. e does so. >> we have a national security failure along in the making. i don't see how in the world you can find out what happened
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in benghazi before during and after the attack if general petraeus doesn't testify. >> the fbi was investigating harassing e-mails that bjill kelley. the relationship began in 2010 after she wrote a dissertation about the four-star general. a busy week for president obama as he works to avoid the fiscal cliff. friday, the president is set to hold talks with bipartisan leads are of congress. lawmaker have until january to reach a compromise. new this morning, more than 70 firefighters were called out to battle a house fire in anne arundel county this morning on wild willow way in severn. two adults and a child were in the home. en got out okay. crews in montgomery county were called to a large house
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fire late last night. this one happened around 11:00 p.m. in dickerson, maryland. the home was destroyed but amazingly, no one was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. also making headlines this morning, governor andrew cuomo lays out just how much help the new york region will need from the federal government to recover from the superstorm as president obama prepares to visit. and investigators in indianapolis still trying to pinpoint the cause of an explosion that leveled more than 30 homes and killed two people. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment. 
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still no word on what caused a massive house explosion that killed two people in indianapolis. the blast and flamed september many rest tent running for safety in just their pajamas late saturday night n all, 80 homes were damaged. 31 of them could be a complete
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loss. seven other people were injured but they are expected to be okay. witnesses say blast could be felt more than three miles away. two weeks ago, superstorm sandy pound the east coast leaving a path of destruction behind. more than #00,000 people are still without power left in the dark and cold right now. andrew cuomo is asking for $30 billion in federal aid for clean-up. it is estimated that sandy caused more than $50 million in new york alone. that makes it the second most spoansive storm after hurricane katrina. president obama will visit the new york city area later on this week. for the first time since the uprising started in syria, israel has been drawn into the fighting. israel fired warning shots across the border after a stray mortar from syria hit a military post in the golan heights. the military says no damage or injuries were reported inside
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israel but israeli official are threatening tougher retaliation for attacks continue. how some people are pitching in to help victims of the superstorm recover by donating their vacation days. let's check in with tucker when we come back. ♪
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welcome back. because of veterans day or the rhett rains day holiday, metrorail is on a saturday schedule today. off-peak fares are in effect. there is track work on the red, orange and green lines today and metrobus is on a saturday supplemental schedule. check your route timetables for details on that. gentleman lets he take a live look outside. look how gorgeous the sunrise
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is. this is beautiful. 6:14 quite now on this monday, this veterans day. so it is good to see it and it is good to see along with that sun today is going to come some warm temperatures because we know how deceiving the sun can be at times. >> mild temperatures today and if you want to see the sunshine, you got to get outside the next hour or two because we'll cloud up here. you can see some clouds on the horizon. the high cirrus clouds moving in and later today, the clouds lower and thicken up. did you catch any of the chicago football game last night? >> i did not. i heard how cold it was there. >> and it was pouring rain. that rain headed in our direction. right now, we are 50 and in chicago, it is 34 degrees. that is how much colder it is behind the front. that will be moving in not so much today but during the day tomorrow. >> enjoy it, folks. week starts warm and cloudy. we've got a little sunshine here early. clouds will win out as our front starts to press in from
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the west. but yesterday, we got to 71 at reagan national and i don't think we'll be quite that warm today with the cloud cover. we should be very comfortable with highs expected to be back in the mid- to upper 60s. nice conditions expected across the region. here are your temperatures now at reagan national. it is 50 degrees. it is cool outside but not bitter cold. 46 in gaithersburg. 48 in frederick. winchester is 45 degrees this morning. leonardtown is 52 degrees. so again, temperatures on the cool side to start your day. not terribly cold. we should see a nice gradual warm-up here as mentioned well into the 60s up ahead of our front. not hard to find this front. here we are, clear skies in the wash area at the moment. clouds will move in shortly and eventually the rain showers will move in. i don't think it will rain during the day today, we should be fine for the daytime hours. later tonight, as the front approaches, i think the rain will start to break out maybe 10:00, 11:00 from west to east. and during the overnight hours, we'll have showers around here which willing near the morning commute tomorrow. so tomorrow looks a little wet
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here to start our day. the good news, front moving along at a pretty good pace and we should be on the back side of this front by late morning tomorrow. we'll actually see some sunshine around here for your tuesday afternoon. 68 today. enjoy one more warm one. winds south and west. becoming cloudy but still mild. average daytime high about 60 degrees. cloudy skies, showers developing late, i think that morning commute tomorrow morning will have some showers around but we should see afternoon sunshine. check out your cooler temperatures. just 52 tomorrow afternoon. and we'll bounce around the 50s for the remainder of the week. but you can see much cooler weather pattern setting up here for the middle and end of the week. let's do some traffic and see -- not allowed to talk. it's all yours. >> you should have come with me yesterday. i was out with the girls on the
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run program out at montgomery mall. they did a 5k run race and it was so much fun. this is close to the finner line running some girls in and this is just a wonderful organization. i love working with these people. a lot of times, this is the first time for these girls to actually get out and run and they are with their teams you see the orange hats, blue hats, pink hats. this is a great way for the girls to come together and have positive energy. they are doing something big are than themselves. they are talking about healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle and having fun. i was the emcee for the event and we were out there dancing and run and having a blast. so thank you for having me out there. next year, you can come out and we'll get you a pink hat to wear too. this happens to be eastbound 66 coming in from nutley treat to the capital beltway. light traffic volume here. we are anticipating this will be a lighter than usual traffic
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day because a lot of the folks have the day off. southbound 270, still an easy trip as welcoming in out of germantown. remember the hov rules have been lifted for those traveling on 270, 95, 395 as well as 66. lighter than usual traffic volume each way at the wilson bridge and traffic flowing freely at the american legion bridge as you travel between tyson and 270 and leaving bethesda headed out to the dulles toll road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. in bridge county, a cat sitting up on top of a power loon for four days brought out lots of curious neighbors and finally the utility company. the cat had been perched there since thursday. it went back and forth from sitting on the line to going all the way to the top of the pole. finally, pg & e crews -- you should see what our floor directors are doing. >> you don't want to know. >> they were called in to help
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with the situation. they arrived last night and raiseed a bucket as the cat stared wide-eyed. just as the linemen were making sure it was safe to get help to the cat, it jumped 30 feet to the ground. they came you out to the rescue the cat and as soon as they got there, after four days, the cat jumped down and took off running. >> that is the thing with candidates. it is 30 feet. they can jump, run off, he will be completely fine. >> they leave when they want to leave. >> they always say, eventually they will come down because they'll get hungry and they will come down. it is like the cat is up there, you feel like you got to do something. the help arrives and the cat is like, okay, i'm out of here. why some people are giving up their vacation time to help victims of the superstorm. >> it didn't come with the ruby slippers but stale cool piece
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of movie history. a dress and blouse was sold that judy garland wore in the movie, the gingham dress went for $480,000. the buyer was not identified.
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there is a way to help the victims of the superstorm that you may not have thought of. first, let's talk about the market. lauren ?imenty with fox business network is live with the business beat. >> good morning -- lauren
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simonetti with fox business net work is live with the business beat. >> the damage for all last week is about 2 plus percent so your unvests likely lost some last week. we will get the impact of hurricane sandy this week. we also get lots of earnings reports like wal-mart and home depot. we are starting on an up note higher in the premarket. >> we'll take it. let's talk about the deal with the vacations. people can donate vacations to help the victims of sandy. >> the irs has this rule. they used it after 9-11 and also after hurricane katrina back in 2005 where, if you have unused vacation, whatever time you have off at work and if your company is a participating firm, can you donate back the
6:26 am
days you didn't take and the company basically turns that into cash which they give to a charity. so it is a good way to donate your days if you are a working american. >> very good. so hopefully, some people will take part in that and help some of of the people who are still have struggling to get back to normal. happy monday to you. >> happy veterans day. back to the morning's big story. a personal indiscretion lead for a professional downfall. one of the most respected names in the military and intelligence resigns after word of an affair is revealed. how it all started with some e- mails. fox 5 morning news comes back. 
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welcome back. this weekend, secretary of homeland security janet napolitano visited some of the area's hardest hit by the superstorm. napolitano spoke with local officials and ensured residents
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that everything was being done to help restore homes and businesses as soon as possible. she said now is the time to focus on the clean-up rather than what could have been done differently during the storm. >> look, i think whenever there is a tragedy like this, we always go backwards and say what could have been done better or differently. local authorities gave evacuation orders. we asked people to abide by the evacuation orders. the issue of those who either can't or won't abide by that is a question that we have to address. >> president obama is scheduled to tour some of the devastated areas beginning on thursday. >> well, this is one of the few days left that it should be warm enough at lost for them to get out there and try to do clean-up and i mean they will have to do it no matter what. >> temperatures this weekend mild across the mid-atlantic and not so bad up toward new york and new jersey.
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one more mild day and we have rain during the night and morning hours tomorrow. the activity here just out to the west, got some rain showers and the blue line you see, that is the cold front and much cooler air. temperatures about 20 degrees cooler behind that fronted. that will be approaching later today. i don't think we'll see any rain showers today but you will notice the cloud cover pretty quickly here. after a little bit of early sunshine, we'll cloud up later this morning and this afternoon. temperature at reagan national, 50 degrees. it is cool but not terribly cold. 52 at dulles. bwi marshall, 41 degrees. enjoy another mild one. this is the last of the stream of mild ones. we'll have a bit of a breeze picking up out of the sth and east a little later today. highs, we'll go about 67 degrees at 5:00 p.m. had you had be dry even though it will be cloudy and feel like it is going to rain. >> at least we can get out and
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do some things today. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and now it is traffic time. >> if you are going to get out and do things, i've got things at my house you can do. yard needs to be raked. come on every, bring the kids. your lanes are open, no problems reported out to the west on 66. however, south of 66 is where we've got some trouble spots to report. 234 at wellington road for the crash. you want to follow police direction in order to work your way around the scene there. hov rules have been lifted today because of the federal holiday. out here on the roads, you will find your lanes are open with no problems to report traveling to and from the american legion bridge leaving tyson's up for the spur. no trouble spots to report south along 270. nice, easy trip coming in out of germantown south of 118 headed into rockville. our big story, congress is
6:33 am
demanding answers and more details surrounding at fair between ex-cia director david petraeus and his biographer. >> wants to know if national security was ever at risk and why they were not alerted sooner. melanie alnwick has the latest. >> reporter: heart breaking and tragic are what some lawmaker are calling the downfall of general david petraeus. there are real estate questions about whether his affair poseed a security risk and whether lawmaker should have been notified of the investigation sooner. they first met in the spring of 2006. four years later, a dissertation written by paula broadwell about the general developed into something more. >> i had been working on this project as my dissertation and when he went to afghanistan in 2010, i decided to turn it into a book. not sure he took me seriously but showed up in afghanistan. >> reporter: the fbi discovered at fair between petraeus and
6:34 am
broadwell while the agency was investigating harassing edmonton mails allegedly sent by broadwell to jill kelley. kelley is a long-time friend of petraeus and his wife holly. no word on how kelley and broadwell are connected. >> i read about the story here in the last few days. i didn't realize people involved were right down the street here. so it is up resting. but it's sad. it is too bad. >> reporter: california senator dianne feinstein is chairman of the senate intelligence committee. she is calling the fbi's handling of the investigation into question. >> this is something that could have had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. there is a way to do it. >> fine tine said she does not believe the general's resignation had anything to do with his schedule testimony. congress may create a joint select committee to investigate the time line of event in this whole matter. despite stepping down, general
6:35 am
pet ray also could be subpoenaed to testify about the benghazi attack. >> thank you. some other stop stories this morning, former d.c. councilman kwame brown will be sentenced tomorrow. he reseened from his council seat back in june and brown is now facing one year in jail. but prosecutors are urging the judge to sentence him to six days in jail and three years supervised release. a sprawpt manager is fighting for his life -- a restaurant manager is fighting for his life. the manager was shot when he confronted some people who were fighting in the parking lot early sunday morning. he got back into the restaurant and two employees called 911. he is listed in critical condition. the alleged east coat rapist has reportedly admitted to raping several women. air op thomas spoke for a reporter for the wash post from the cell where he is awaiting trial in prince william county,
6:36 am
virginia. he told the reporter he attacked several women in several states beginning two decades ago but he doesn't know why. thomas is scheduled to plead guilty to one case in leesburg at the end of the month. in the morning line, d.c. united kicked off the eastern conference final against houston. united scored first when a shot hit the goal post and came back out to nick deleon who then deflects the shot off the defender and into the net. but the dynamo would score three second half goals and go on to win this one 3-1. we turn now to the gridiron. the eagles and cowboys. the cowboys went at philadelphia. michael vick left the game with a concussion. his replacement rallied the team but dallas would come from behind and score three touchdowns in a span of two minutes and 35 seconds. a touch downfor the cowboys as
6:37 am
they win 38-23. this is philly's fifth straight loss. the ravens, oh, man, they set it off yesterday. a record setting perform's against the raiders. joe flacco through for 341 yards. and then jones put the he can clammation point on the victory with a 105-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. this guy is pretty good. baltimore goes on to set a franchise high for points pounding the raiders 55-20. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, daily challenges are the form no service members on the front lines. >> they look forward to coming home but when this happens, many are confront wade whole new set of issues from health care to employment. up next, we're talking with an organization working to make the transition a little bit easier. we are back in a moment. ♪
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welcome back. on the military front lines, you have to be a leader able to handle unbelievable amounts of stress. at built to adapt to fast- changing situations with a moment's notice is a must, of course. when i you aservice member returns home from war, these skills can translate into success in the work force but making that transition can be difficult. that is where the organization we're about to introduce you to comes in. ramsey sulaman joins us now with more. thank you for. coming in on this veterans day. >> sure. thank you for having me. >> we appreciate it. vets say the hardest thing is using the skills they have there and applying it to a job here. organization help out in that regard. >> one of the thins that veterans find most challenging, the unemployment rate is high. it has been stubbornly high for vet an, over two percentage points higher than it is for civilians. one of the thins that veterans
6:42 am
find difficult that is employers don't understand necessary lit military service. in a generation where less than 1% of the population is serving in the military, it is not quite like world war ii where everybody had that experience of either having served or a family member or neighbor and really understood what people did. so today, when veterans come back, you know, that is one issue. another issue is that a lot of the credential and licenses that you might expect that say a military medic would have. i have a good fend who in afghanistan performed combat life saving on a french foreign legionnaire shot in the head. he couldn't get a job as i medic when he came back. he had great training. one of the things that we are doing is working on capitol hill to try to get credentialing and licensing initiatives through and laws passed to give some reciprocity there and we are all partnering with businesses and doing hiring fairs and also trying to help them bridge the gap
6:43 am
between military and civilian -- the ending of the employment and what veterans can bring to them. >> so you are kind of like a middleman in a sense sort of helping everybody understand each other and their skills. >> we are a little bit of a conduit in that sense. hopefully, as the economy improves and as people get a greater understanding of exactly what veterans do, because a lot of the jobs are really analagous. but when you leave the military, it is like that never happened. >> interesting. talk a little bit too about the fact that now, i mean we have a lot of vets that come back with issues with post traumatic stress disorder. tell me how the association is able to work with those vets who have those sort of issues that they're working through mentally and at the same time trying to get them back into the work force. >> well, what we are really focusing in terms of ptsz and
6:44 am
mental health is trying to reduce the backlog that the va has for health care and expanding mental health care care access particularly for guard and reserve who don't have the resources to avail themselves of when they come off active duty. we are trying to help people readjust and reaction reacclimate so they can come back and be successful with employment and family and the whole thing that make everybody happy in life. >> real quick, you are always open and accepting helping veterans. your doors are always wide open. >> we are. we have about 200,000 members around the country. so we have presence and we do a lot -- a little bit different model than most.
6:45 am
we do a lot via internet and twitter. >> we have a link to your web site as well on you are also a marine as well, served in iraq. >> i did. >> we appreciate your service as well today. >> sure. thank you for having me. >> wisdom, over to you. >> thank you. and here is tucker barnes to talk about the weather. >> a beautiful weekend. we had very mild temperatures yesterday. got to 71 degrees yesterday at reagan national. still going to enjoy the mild temperature today. cloud cover moving in and some rain showers. >> but it will be cold. >> cooler. hang in there. this is not the end. let's get to it. take a look at temperatures at rag and national. it won't be that bad. 50 in washington. 53 this morning in annapolis. we were cool overnight but not terribly cold. the last week or two, we've
6:46 am
gotten up with temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. baltimore, 39 degrees. i mentioned the mild temperatures. yesterday, 71. won't quite get to 70 today. we'll get a bit of a bros here out of the south later this afternoon up ahead of our front. stoush start your day. get out an enjoy it right now. shortly, the clouds will move in and it will be a mostly cloudy afternoon. -- we'll get a bit of a breeze here out of the south later this afternoon up ahead of our front. sunshine to start your day. rain will move in and should stick around and linger for the morning commute tomorrow and quickly push off the coast. the good news is where with the front moving so fast, i think by tomorrow afternoon we'll get sunshine back in the forecast along with cooler air, much cooler air. here is a number to look at at futurecast. notice the rain showers just starting to move in here at midnight tonight. they will be with us for the morning commute tomorrow. there we are at 8:00.
6:47 am
the back side of this, the sunshine already breaking out by late morning across the region along with the cooler temperatures. so, not a terrible looking forecast and it won't be terribly cool behind the front although much cooler than today. 68, becoming cloudy. winds south, five to 10. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. much cooler behind the front. 52, still we can deal with that with some early showers and afternoon sun and the remainder of the week we bounce around in the 50s all week. nothing too extreme although temperatures a little cooler than they should be for this time of year. kind of the theme of the month so far. >> all right. >> all right. >> well, it is justify the three of us today. >> mr. perkins is not here. he is under the weather a little bit. >> yes. he is not feeling well. >> time for ask tony and tucker. >> yeah! >> would you, that got deeper
6:48 am
and deeper. >> that was awesome. we put our fabulously large heads together. today, great we come from noah frasier. we all know where the president lives. >> yeah, the white house. >> i figure everybody knows where that is, right? >> we should. >> but what about the vice president's house? >> oh, kind. gets left out a little bit sometimes. >> it does. fascinating history. i had no idea the history of the vice president's house and how recently vice presidents have lived there. >> you pass by and you think it's just always been that way but it hasn't. >> fascinating stuff. let's get down to business. the vice president lives at the united states naval observatory and that is in northwest washington, sort of -- off massachusetts? >> yes, right. >> off massachusetts. you can tell by the secret service you see around fences. >> and the clock. >> and the clock and the fact that the fences are nine feet
6:49 am
high. >> you can't see the house from the road. >> i've never been able to see the house. >> you can kind of see the roof. look at the house. >> it's governious house. the house was built in 1893 for the superintendent of the then united states naval observatory. -- its a gorgeous house. it is 9153 square feet. >> not bad. >> beautiful house and, of course, historic. this was originally the naval observatory for a hundred years before it became the vice president's house. it was used as an observe fry teri for stars, aston my. this was on the outskirts of town j oh, my gosh. >> the u.s. presidents back in the day used to travel out here by horse and carriage to get to enjoy the stars and get to
6:50 am
enjoy a little country. isn't that amazing. >> now, it is in northwest d.c. the vice president lives this. the history goes that it got going in the late 109s. the first vice president to live there was walter mondale in 1977. they decided in 1974. traditionally, vice presidents had lived at their own resident and i think we many time visited president gerald ford when he was vice president, his former house in virginia and it is still there. so in 1974, they decided it was too complicated, too many security risks with having a vice president live in his own residence. they decided to make this the full-time residence of the vice president. it wasn't until 1977 that the vice president officially lived
6:51 am
there. since then, every vice president including dan quayle and dick cheney and gore have lived there. it has undergone many renovation. mr.quayle was famous for putting a big patio in the back as well as a pool. >> you got update. >> and joe biden absolutely loves that. he will never say a bad word about vice president quayle because he absolutely loves the pool and patio in the back. >> who won't? >> have either of you ever toured? >> i have not but i would love to. can we do that? >> the answer to that is no, can you not. unless you get a special invite from the vice president or perhaps his wife, you will not be touring the facility. it is not open to the public unlike the white house. >> i have a picture of the vice president. will that get me in. >> we're friends. >> i can show up at the gate. >> i read that gerald ford was
6:52 am
supposed to be the first one to move in but then he became president. >> right, he ran out of tomb. >> and then -- >> john reporter's notebook feller apparently had his own sprawling mansion so he didn't need it. >> i imagine with the name rockefeller, that is probably the case. >> if you get a chance, you too can walk outside the gate and peek inside. >> maybe now we'll get an invite. >> that would be nice. >> if you are hanging around on the outside, i think the security might be -- >> got to keep it moving. >> wish we could see it up close. close. >> have you toured the vice president's mansion? >> no, i have not. i haven't been creepy either and stood outside looking. >> i walked past it. >> that was tucker barnes.
6:53 am
he walks up and down. comes back. >> i kept it moving. >> and then tucker tries to play it off like it is a new dance move. i'm in the buying it. >> neither was security. >> exactly. all right. on the roads, what we are anticipating to be a lighter than usual traffic volume day, it is kind of shaping up to get kind of busy out there. found the accident northbound on the outer loop of the beltway, before 214 central avenue tying up the left side of the highway. be careful there. in virginia, we do have accident activity before you reach 66. this is tying up 234 at wellington road. 66 is open for business, looks great right now. no problems to report as you guys continuen bound from man aas to the capital beltway. southbound 270, nice and clear right now well above posted speed. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. here is a unique gift marking president obama's re- election. a small town in italy is
6:54 am
sending him a truffle. not the chocolate kind. it is the super expensive mushroom kind prized by gourmands around the globe. it is set to arrive in the u.s. next sunday. >> they use it like truffle oil on your fries or on this. quite the delicacy. >> okay. still ahead, you will find them in everything from main dishes to desert. they are nutritious and they won't bust your goesery budget. >> we are talking all about eggs and holly is live in northwest to show us what has one new restaurant all cracked up. up. we'll be right back.
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11/12/12 good morning, everybody. i hope you enjoyed the gorgeous weekend we had. and on this monday veteran's day, we have something extra special planned. we are debt indicating the whole morning to eggs which is why we are here at the drafting table. a new restaurant opened back in september. but here no matter what you order, you can always add a 64 degree egg. what is that? i don't know. what cc is going to tell us. she's also going to teach us how to whip up a few other egg dishes. not just your normal scrambled. but how to really impress our guests. and egg land for the first time had a recipe contest and one of the national semi finalists is going to join us with her recipe and the grand prize winner will be announced today. $10,000 in grand prize money. how
6:59 am
extraordinary is that? >> pretty wonderful. thanks. time for our facebook fan of the day. and we say hello to sherice. she's been tuning in for two decades and a big fan of julie's traffic report. we appreciate you being a part of our team. for your chance fob tomorrow's fan of the day, log on to our facebook page and leave a comment under her picture. let's send it over to allison and wisdom. >> coming up right now, new details about the extra marital affair that ended david patreass's career. the latest on the investigation straight ahead. >> thousands paid their respects to the men and women who made the ul sacrifice. big thank

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